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The Grid

Community management online software platform. Designed to support different parts of the community management pipeline. We're still in development and looking for potential testers for a beta.

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Guild Grid: An initiative

A network of creative multi-disciplinary communities that run on The Grid platform. Guilds run workshops, host events, and collaborate on projects together. Applications are currently open worldwide.

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Our mission is tohelp communities be better online

We love what we do

  • Team Member

    Logan S.

    Software engineer & admin. Co-founder.

    Team Member

    Tabs F.

    UX/UI dev, project manager, & designer. Founder.

Our goals

Effectively tailored

People matter, and they're all different. Therefore, so are the communities and their needs. We strive to bring more communities online.


Community management pipelines are not all the same. Tools and their complexity should scale with the types of communities that use them.

Time is valuable

Less time managing and trying to make tools work, and more time strengthening communities and contributing to the betterment of society.

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